IS106 and E111 instructors

Responsible instructor

David G. Messerschmitt, Roger A. Strauch Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences

Office hours: Mondays 2:30-3:30 and Wednesdays 3:30-4:30 in 517 Cory Hall

Online office hours: Course chat room "Office hrs" 8-9 on Tuesdays

Teaching assistants

Simi Hoque


Office hours: Tuesdays 2-3 and Thursdays 2:30-3:30 in 485 Wurster Hall, room 485 (south side of
the building across from the Architecture Slide Library)

Online office hours: Course chat room "Office hrs" 9:30-10:30pm on Wednesdays

Pieter Brouwer


Office hours: Fridays 3-4 in 225B Bechtel (Feb 4 only in 225A Bechtel)

Online office hours: Course chat room "office hrs" 6-7pm on Fridays


General guidance on getting help:

  • If your question is of a general nature where other students would benefit from hearing the answer, post to the class discussion forum. Your instructors will be monitoring it, and providing answers (if another students hasn't first).
  • If your question is of a personal nature, or some administrative matter, considering using email.
  • Office hours are best when you would like to engage in a discussion or desire more extensive help.
  • The teaching assistants are an excellent resource for help with exercises or projects, make use of them! Both teaching assistants have (or are in the process of finishing) computer science degrees, so they can answer technical questions also.
  • Your instructor is the most authoritative on issues like what will be covered on the exams, deeper insights into the course material, etc.