Upcoming, an event site owned by Yahoo, has information about events in different geographic areas. They display this information as a list, with one event after the other, but it would be nice to see as a calendar. Fortunately, Upcoming uses hCalendar for all its events, which means that you can consume the information using its semantic markup. Create a webpage that displays a box calendar (like the kind you hang on your wall) from the information on the Upcoming page for the month of November (bonus for other months!).

You can put the calendar directly into the Upcoming page (say, at the top around line 129) or you can load that information into a blank page. The Upcoming page, with jQuery embedded, is available at http://courses.ischool.berkeley.edu/i290-4/f09/resources/10_26_exercise/berkeley_music_events.html. If you prefer to use a blank template, one is available at calendar.html.