INFO 290-17 Advanced Reading Seminar in ICTD

Weekly Discussion Leading Schedule
February 11: Technology and Development in Practice: The Green Revolution 
February 25: The Postwar Project: Theories of Economic Development 
Elisa Oreglia
Josh Blumenstock
March 3: New Paradigms in Economic Development 
Ashwin Mathew 
March 10: The Digital Divide and the Bottom of the Pyramid 
Yael Perez 
April 7: Technology in Emerging Regions: Mobile Device as a Platform 
Roxanne Miller
Janaki Srinivasan 
April 14:  Applications: Agriculture and Health Care 
Rajesh Veeraraghaven
Avery Cohn
April 28: The Future of ICTD 
Luke Rhee
Bernt Wahl
Chad Winston