IS290-1, Spring '07
After Google, What?
Last modified: January 12, 2007


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Course aims and overview
Toward the 21st century land-grant university.

The Academic Library place, steward and information service
Changing fundamentally, but in order to remain the same?
The care, feeding, and use of scholarly collections.

Scholarly publishing. Reports from the [contiguous] front[s]

Open access publishing. Its rationale, promise, and prospect
With John Ober, Director, Office of Scholarly Communication
Academic values and scholarly publishing: the ultimate, unpredictable constraints?
With Diane Harley, Senior Researcher, Center for Studies in Higher Education
Scholarly publishing in transition: experience of a University Press
With Lynne Withey, Director, University of California Press

The research enterprise: infrastructure, innovation, and global competitiveness

What is cyberinfrastructure and why should we care?
High-performance computing and the future of university science and academic information services

The student experience: Personalized paradigms in a networked space

The different modalities of computer-assisted instruction and computer-mediated learning
Yahoo(!). A networked student community
With Peter Brantley, Director, Digital Library Federation

Building on and organizing chaos

Mass digitization (and its malcontents)
From politics to practice, vanloads to vision
Challenges inherent in organizing a field-trip at an anarchist convention
From politics to practice, vanloads to vision
Aligning policies with purpose
A case study in reification?
After Google what. The academic enterprise in a networked digital age