Project two

This project involves classifying ecommerce companies.


The US Census will be collecting data on ecommerce companies in the next Census of Manufacturing.  They are interested in adding enough classifications to the North American Industrial Classification Systems (NAICS) to accomodate these new businesses.   The purpose of this homework is twofold: 1) to help the US Census see how users react to the new categories; 2) to help give the class a sense for the types of new businesses that are being developed.


  1. Measuring Electronic Business: lays out the problem
  2. NAICS page: at UC Census
  3. Conceptual Issues:  explains the principles of NAICS
  4. NAICS 1997: the full NAICS
  5. NAICS 2002: the proposed additions to NAICS
  6. Examples from Hoovers Online: set of test cases
  7. How to classify: see weeks 3 and 4 in particular.
  8. Questionaire: for feedback about the process



Assignment start date: March xx, 2000
Assignment due date: March xx, 2000

Each group will assign the test cases to the NAICS categories using the principles outlined in the above documents.
Each group will also fill out the questionaire.


Project groups will be graded based the quality of their classification, along with the answers to the questionaire.