Class website

The class will use WebCT, a Web-based instruction management application provided by the campus.


To login to the course homepages, point your browser at Create a WebCT account for yourself, and then find and subscribe to the course, listed there as IS224. If you are enrolled in the course or waitlisted for the course, you should already have an account login ID and password.  Your login ID will usually be your first initial and last name. In a few cases, this  is not unique, so try your first and middle initial and last name. For example, John T. Student might have login ID jstudent or jtstudent. Sorry, your login ID cannot be changed. Your initial password is your student ID (SID). It is important to change this password the first time you login.


 If you ever forget your password, contact the instructor at, who can assign you a new one. If you are enrolled in the course but unable to login, please contact the instructor at If you are not enrolled in the course, we regret it is not possible to obtain a login ID, in part due to copyright restrictions on fair use of the some of the readings provided. Login ID's will also be removed for students who drop the course.


Important notification about email forwarding: Your instructors (and possibly other students) will send you various notifications and announcements by email using the WebCT mail system. For example, WebCT makes it easy to send email to a project group all at once. It is recommended that you configure your WebCT account in this course to have this email forwarded to your regular email account, so that you don’t miss something important. This is easily done on the “Email” page using the “Manage Messages” option.