<==============Topic=============> Readings
# Date D Messerschmitt C Shapiro Other Description Info Rules Software Rules
1 27-Aug Course introduction   A summary of topics covered in the course, projects, and grades. 1 1
2 29-Aug Hardware, software, and Moore's law   What are the differences between hardware and software? What is the impact of Moore's law on the software industry?   2.2-3
  3-Sep   Holiday: Labor Day    
3 5-Sep   Pricing   Pricing strategies to extract the most value from information and software 2 8.2-3
4 10-Sep   Versioning   Offering multiple versions of information and software goods to maximize profits 3 8.3
5 12-Sep Software applications and infrastructure   What is the evolution in software applications and infrastructure, and what are the implications to the industry?   3.1-2, 8.4
6 17-Sep   Recognizing lock-in   Identifying and classifying the various types of lock-infor information goods and software 5 8.1
7 19-Sep   Managing lock-in   Strategies for sellers and buyers to deal with switching costs and lock-in 6 8.1
8 24-Sep   Network effects   Identifying network effects; industry dynamics with positive feedback; implications for strategy and industry structure 7 8.1
9 26-Sep Security and privacy   Does the marketplace provide sufficient incentives for security and privacy? If not, what can we do about it?   3.3
10 1-Oct Software development   What are the implications of new modes of software development, like open source, iterative, and end-user programming?   4.1-2
11 3-Oct Software architecture, composibility, portability, distribution.   How does the market determine the architecture and allow the customer to mix and match solutions from different vendors? How does the market deal with distributed applications?   4.3-5
12 8-Oct   Complements   Working with complementors; make vs. buy decisions. B&N in HBR??  
13 10-Oct   Steve Blumenfeld of AOL Disruptive technologies; launching new products and services with partners. CC Article??  
14 15-Oct Software provisioning and operations and distributed system management.   What are the sources of value in delivering working software to the end user? What are the challenges in dealing with distributed management of applications, and how do we deal with them?   5
15 17-Oct Software industry structure   What are the issues in moving from stovepipes to layering; from product to service?   6
16 22-Oct   Clemens Syzperski of Microsoft Software industrial revolution: Why hasnít the industrial revolution of software happened? Will it in the future?   6.8
17 24-Oct   Presentations I      
18 29-Oct   Presentations II      
19 31-Oct Standard Setting Fighting standards wars   What is the role of standardization in coordinating firms; standardization processes. Strategies for fighting a standards war 9 7.?
20 5-Nov   Jayarami Reddy of Saltare Java: Using Java as a case study, how does politics inject itself into standardization. Is Java an open standard? Will it ever be open source?    
21 7-Nov Trade secrets, patents, and copyrights   What are the roles of these three types of property rights; are software and business process patents a good idea? How is the law having difficulty adjusting to changing technology?   7.1
  12-Nov   Holiday: Veteran's Day    
22 14-Nov   Intellectual property strategies   Strategies for using intellectual property in the information economy 4, CS on Patent Thicket  
23 19-Nov   Peter Detkin of Intel Management strategies in patents: how to manage a large patent portfolio; how patents enter into a firm's overall strategy; the patent/antitrust intersection.    
24 21-Nov   Antitrust limits   What is the appropriate antitrust policy for software, and what is the impact of antitrust on the software industry?Includes Microsoft and mergers. 10, K&S on Antitrust in Software  
25 26-Nov Research and the future   What kinds of research can a firm support, and why? What is tech transfer? What will be the impact of future developments in information appliances, pervasive computing, mobility, etc?    
26 28-Nov   Debates I      
27 3-Dec   Debates II      
28 5-Dec Wrap-up and reflection