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Basic Info

Nancy Van House
Email: vanhouse at ischool dot berkeley dot edu
Phone: (510) 642-0855
Office: 307A South Hall
Office Hours: Tues 4-5 and by appt
Elizabeth Goodman
Email: egoodman at ischool dot berkeley dot edu
Office Hours:
Wednesdays 2 - 3pm in South Hall Room 6 (in the basement) and by appointment


The IS203 pre-req is leftover from when 203 was taught in the spring and 214 in the fall; it is no longer required. ("Permission of instructor" of course covers all kinds of possibilities.)

Course Texts

Observing the User Experience, Mike Kuniavsky, Morgan Kaufmann, 2003.

The book is not at the AUC bookstore. You will need to order a copy (maybe here). It doesn't cover all that we are going to cover, and it's not always very thorough, but it's the best source I've found for this class.


Homework is to be submitted in paper and electronic form. Submit electronically at


Grading in this class will be as follows:

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