Interpretative Flexibility of File-Sharing Websites

by Victor Starostenko, Kate Hsiao, Peter Nguyen

Last January, the New Zealand government took down Megaupload, a file-sharing site founded by Kim Dotcom, since the site was found guilty of disseminating copyrighted materials and committing racketeering. A year after the closing, Dotcom launches a new version of the site called Mega, which now encrypts files on users’ computer before they are uploaded, so files on Mega will not be able to be read by anyone, including government officials when conducting investigations.

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An example of a piece that presents a concept/vision

As I mentioned in class – here’s the article by Mark Weiser where he coins the phrase “ubiquitous computing.” This is probably as pure an example of an article that “presents a concept/vision” as we will find, though there are elements of an “argumentative essay” in this piece as well.

The Computer for the 21st Century (1991), Mark Weiser, Scientific American

Readings for Thursday

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