15. Enterprise Data Management

IS 202 - 18 October 2005

Copyright © 2005 Robert J. Glushko

Plan for Today's Class

A Record is a Type of Document

Records are "Permanent" Evidence of Events


Records Management

Recordkeeping Problem Areas [1]

Oliver North's Mistake

Recordkeeping Problem Areas [2]

Why is Frank Quattrone Smiling?

Ken Lay Does the Perp Walk

Sarbanes-Oxley and Information Management [1]

"Material" Information

Dilbert on 17 October 2005

Sarbanes-Oxley and Information Management [2]

The Stolen Berkeley Laptop

The Stolen Berkeley Laptop: Lessons?

Knowledge Management: Making Tacit Information Explicit

Six Goals for Knowledge Management

Additional Public Sector Goals for Knowledge Management

Some Summary Thoughts About Content/Knowledge Management

The Data that Enterprises Manage

Enterprise Data Management Goals

Enterprise Data Management Challenges

Semantic Integration

An Enterprise Information Integration Scenario

Integration "By Eye"

Swivel-Chair Integration

Enterprise Portals

Enterprise Portal Applications

Enterprise Information Integration

MRP – Materials Requirements (or Resource) Planning

ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning

Benefits of ERP

Implementing ERP

Business Intelligence

Generic Enterprise Information Integration Architecture (Gantz, 2004)

Data Warehouses


EII Via Metadata Repository (Gantz, 2004)

The Virtual Warehouse

Bad UI for Business Intelligence

Driving Your Business

Dashboard UI for Business Intelligence

Compliance Dashboard

Readings for IO & IR Lecture #16