SIMS 141:   Search Engines: Technology, Society, and Business

   Speaker Schedule, Fall 2005
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Search Engines: Technology, Society, and Business
SIMS 141

Lecture Schedule

A set of top-notch experts have agreed to give lectures for Fall 2005.
The class meets Mondays from 4-6pm in 100 GPB.

[Note 12/15/2012: The links to the original webcast videos at UC Berkeley are no longer operational; they have been updated on this page to point to youtube videos. Unfortunately not all videos have been transferred to youtube.]

( Graduate student version of course )

Aug 29Topic: Course Introduction; Overview of How the Internet Works
  Dr. Marti Hearst: Associate Professor of SIMS, UC Berkeley
Lecture notes: (ppt)   (pdf)    (video)
Sept 5No class.
Campus Holiday
Sept 12Topic: Search and Society.
John Battelle:   Visiting professor, UC Berkeley Journalism, and author of the forthcoming book The Search: Business and Culture in the Age of Google.  
Sept 19Topics: The Four Dimensions of Search Engine Quality
User Experience Issues in Web Search
Dr. Jan Pedersen: Yahoo Search, Manager of Search Relevance.
Lecture notes: (ppt) (pdf)
Dr. Daniel E. Rose: Yahoo Search Lecture notes: (ppt)   (pdf)
Sept 26Topic: Google News, Maps, and Print; Search Personalization
Dr. Peter Norvig: Google, Director of Search Quality.  (video)
Dr. Sepandar Kamvar: Google, formerly co-founder of Kaltix.
Oct 3 Topic: Peer-to-Peer Search and Sergey's Views on the Search, Google, and Life
Dr. John Chuang, Associate Professor, SIMS, UC Berkeley.
Lecture notes: (pdf)  (video)
Sergey Brin, co-founder, Google.  (video)
Oct 10Topics: Search Advertising; Intellectual Property and Search
Dr. Hal Varian: Professor of SIMS, Economics, and Business at UC Berkeley, consultant to Google, New York Times columnist.
Lecture notes: (ppt)   (pdf)  (video)
Jason Schultz, J.D.: Intellectual Property Attorney, Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) Lecture notes: (ppt)   (pdf)  (video)
Oct 17Topic: Desktop Search; WebSpam
Dr. Sue Dumais: Microsoft Research (pdf)
Dr. Marc Najork: Microsoft Research (ppt) (pdf)  (video)
Oct 24Topic: Search and Privacy
Dr. Doug Tygar: Professor of SIMS and EECS at UC Berkeley.
Oct 31Topic: Search Engine Architecture; Reflections on Starting a Major Search Engine Company
Dr. Alma Whitten: Google
Dr. Eric Brewer: Professor of EECS at UC Berkeley and co-founder of Inktomi Corp.
Nov 7Topic: Search Engine Marketing; Enterprise Search
Avi Rappoport, MLIS: Enterprise search analyst, Search Tools Consulting. (html)
Jennifer English, MIMS: Search Specialist, Kaiser Permanente (ppt) (pdf)
Nov 14Topic: Multimedia Search
Bradley Horowitz: Yahoo, Director of Technology Development Group. Formerly co-founder and CTO of Virage. (ppt) (pdf) (video)
Nov 21 Topic: Searching the "Live Web" (Blogs, RSS, etc.); How Search Engines Shape the Picture of Cyberspace
Mary Hodder: SIMS masters program alumna and online-community expert, CEO Blogx. (ppt) (pdf)
Dr. Geoffrey Nunberg: consulting professor in the Stanford Department of Linguistics, feature writer for NPR's Fresh Air and the New York Times. (ppt) (pdf) (video)
Nov 28 Topic: Faceted Metadata in Search Interfaces
Dr. Marti Hearst: Associate Professor, UCB SIMS, Yahoo Search Science Advisory Board Member. (ppt) (pdf) (video)
Dec 5Topic: Search for the Developing World; Course Summary; Course Evaluations
Dr. Marti Hearst: Associate Professor of SIMS, UC Berkeley.
Search for the Developing World
(by Dr. Saman Amarasinghe and Bill Thies of MIT) (ppt) (pdf)
Course Summary (ppt) (pdf)